“Just go to the hardware store and pick-up one of those cheap systems. Its just a water softener.” Or is it? Many people have hard/problem water issues and need a water treatment system. Oftentimes, the water treatment system is overlooked in order to save some money or convenience.

Yes, the “Big Box Water Softener” has an attractive price tag. Yes, it can be convenient to buy that cheap system and load it in the truck with a few bags of salt and some stainless-steel flexible connectors and then take it home and install the unit while watching the game and having a few cold ones. Unfortunately, there is more to it than meets the eye and the wallet.

This is unfortunate because in most cases you get what you pay for. Oftentimes; the Morton, Whirlpool, Waterboss, Kenmore, AO Smith, etc. water softeners and water treatment systems of the world will typically end up being a lack-luster purchase. Good luck trying to repair one of these… These units usually carry a one-to-three-year warranty and the warranty process is a headache as well. The efficiency with these systems is very poor too.

So after a few years and depending on the incoming water quality, this unit will break down and then the scale, staining, or odors will return. Now what do you do… Here are a few options: You can disconnect the unit and go buy another big box special, wrestle that deficient monster out of the way, install another one while hoping that it is installed/ programmed/set-up properly, then dispose of the old unit. Good luck if it is in a basement.

Here is a few better options: Call your local water treatment experts. The experts that specialize in their craft. They can actually test your water quality and help educate you with contaminant levels and other possible water quality issues and while providing a recommendation that is customized to your needs. Any authentic water treatment company will offer much more durable and efficient treatment solutions with a professional installation from an experienced technician. This installation often includes system haul-away and disposal. Not to mention, these options will be much more efficient in terms of salt and water usage and will last 15-20+ years. This is approximately 4-5 times longer than a “big box system”. How much time and money was wasted during that time period? Or maybe you are a pretty good “DIY” guy/gal. There are definitely some good water treatment & purification companies online that are Certified with water experts that can provide you with good options as well.

Do your research. Avoid the cheap fix to save a buck. Choose a reputable company/equipment solution. Save yourself the headache. Leave your families’ and homes’ water treatment to the pros.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions and even get some FREE advice about your water concerns.

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