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An untreated water supply could be filled with various minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Some trace amounts of sodium could be found as well. Hard water could not only have a long-term effect on health, but also the health of your appliances.

Water softening systems from American Aqua Solutions improve water quality. Our most powerful softeners work by having water flow through an exchange resin (or resin beads), magnetically charge to pull the minerals out, clearing minerals from your home’s systems.

Reverse osmosis (or RO) systems use several different types of filters to remove sediments and other minerals, such as ion exchange resins. RO systems allow the water in your home to go through a complex, multi-step filtration process, purifying it before it reaches your faucets.

Benefits of a Water Treatment System

  • Removes lead and other contaminants
  • Improves overall taste
  • Better for the environment
  • Energy efficient
  • Low-maintenance
  • You can choose the level of purification

We also service existing water treatment equipment

Here are some of the brands that we can help service: Aqua Systems, Culligan, US Water Systems, US Filter, Marlo, Coopers Water, Clack, Fleck, Watco, Crystal Pure, and more.

Problems with City Water


Hardness can cause scale build-up and water spots and can create dry skin and damage to plumbing and fixtures.


Disinfection byproducts from the water plant can be carcinogenic and also cause dry skin, dry hair, dull laundry, and other health hazards

Unpleasant Tastes

These same disinfectant chemicals can make water taste unpleasant. Water that is used for cooking and drinking should be filtered and “polished”

Problems with Well Water

Hard Water

High mineral content could not only reduce your home’s energy efficiency and health, but also the health of your loved ones


Blue-green stains on surfaces such as bathtubs and counters means that the water is too acidic. Orange staining indicates high iron content


Elemental sulfur, iron, or sulfate-reducing bacteria can cause unpleasant odors. These often cause odors that smell like rotten eggs or musty water


Turbidity (or cloudiness) is usually an indicator of high mineral content or the presence of microbial life. Our Reverse osmosis systems and whole-home treatment systems can help combat the potential for bacterial infections


In rare instances, a well can become contaminated, which could lead to an array of waterborne illnesses

Dental Fluorosis

High mineral content could cause tooth discoloration, and in severe cases, tooth damage

Benefits of Soft water and filtration systems

Whole-home water softeners come with an array of long-lasting benefits. When water filtration systems are implemented in your home, you can enjoy a much healthier, more efficient, and more comfortable lifestyle.

Some of the most apparent benefits include:

  • Gas and electrical efficiency: Lower water pressure and increased flow means all of your home’s systems can operate more efficiently, saving you money on utilities
  • Plumbing: Low mineral content will not scale in your plumbing systems, reducing the risk of clogs or damage, thereby improving its overall efficiency and lifespan
  • Appliances: Low mineral content does not scale in your appliances, which will improve its overall quality and lifespan
  • Detergents and soap: With the lack of mineral content, soap and detergents can foam up much more effectively, allowing you to get more soap suds while requiring you to use less.
  • Softer skin, hair, and laundry
  • Better taste
  • Healthier for consumption
  • Improves overall health, protects skin, hair, protects plumbing system, and protects fixtures

Types of Water Analysis Tests

  • Basic Analysis: Always free. This analysis will provide measurements for some basic contaminants such as hardness, iron, chlorine, PH, and TDS (total dissolved solids). Our other tests are managed by certified third-party laboratories.
  • Clean Water Test: Will test for over 30 different contaminants. This test consists of cations, anions, calculated values, and a few additional tests as well. This is a great option for those that rely on wells.
  • Water Check Analysis: A more detailed option that consists of bacteria, heavy metals, inorganic chemicals, and other physical factors. This analysis will test for over 35 contaminants including E.coli and coliform bacteria.
  • Commercial RO Screen: Recommended for commercial clients that need one of the most comprehensive and detailed water analyses on the market. It includes everything the others do and more.

Call Now to Learn More about your home treatment system

Well and municipal water is known for being filled with minerals and contaminants, and are generally not very well filtered, if at all. American Aqua Solutions offers thorough and comprehensive analysis using an array of tests. From there, we will be able to detail just how much you will benefit from an American Aqua treatment solution.

With many years of experience in the industry, we have experience providing long-term solutions. We are happy to discuss your specific needs and provide more details on how we can help. Water softening and whole house filter systems not only improve your physical health, but will also prevent soap scum (resulting in more lather and longer-lasting lather), and calcium buildup in your plumbing systems. Contact our water experts today to learn more about softening, testing, or reverse osmosis services in the Indianapolis, IN area! 

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