At American Aqua Solutions, SERVICE is one of our passions.  Our number one goal is to consistently provide you with excellent value in water treatment solutions and water treatment service as well. We can help with filter replacements, system diagnostics, equipment tune-ups, control valve rebuilds, filter media replacements, system inspections, well shock disinfections, water testing, and more.  We will provide timely service and stock most standard consumables too.  We should be your long-term supplier for water treatment service and consumables. 

We pride ourselves on making sure that all of our service technicians are performing to the highest industry standards. Utilizing specialized training (from manufacturers and in-house), we invest the time, energy, and resources into our most important and critical asset, our team.  

We strive to use our knowledge and expertise in educating every customer so the best decision is made ensuring you get exactly what you want or need. That is the American Aqua Solutions difference!!! 

Water Treatment

Water softening systems from American Aqua Solutions improve water quality. Our most powerful softeners work by having water flow through an exchange resin (or resin beads), magnetically charge to pull the minerals out, clearing minerals from your home’s systems.

Air Purification

At American Aqua Solutions, our mission is to make your indoor air fresh and pure with patented systems that are the most innovative in the industry and can help you feel better with every breath.


Let us meet with you to find the perfect solution for your water and air purification needs.

Total Home Wellness

High quality water from every tap, bottle quality drinking water, medical grade air quality from every vent.


Tratamiento de agua premium, asequible y sostenible para su hogar y su familia.

We also service existing water treatment equipment too.  Here are some of the brands that we can help service:
Aqua Systems, Culligan, US Water Systems, US Filter, Marlo, Coopers Water, Clack, Fleck, Watco, Crystal Pure, and more

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