So its time for a new water treatment system… Maybe you just moved into a home. Maybe your old water treatment system is getting some age on it and is no longer working properly and needs replaced. Maybe the water quality in your area has changed recently. There could be many reasons why you need a new water treatment system for your family and for your home. Anyways, what are you going to do now? I guess its time to call the water treatment pro for some advice.

In most large cities in the country there are usually a few water treatment dealers around town. Oftentimes, these water dealers are some of the big name brand companies that have been around for a long time. These are the guys we have all heard of. These are the guys that we recognize their logos and we recognize their jingles. They may have names like; “Mulligan” or “Kinetics” or “Water Systems”, “B&J Water” etc. They will usually have large buildings with fancy service vehicles that you have probably seen too.

So while some of these corporate brands do have some solid dealerships in the country, many are really starting to be less than desirable. Here are a few reasons why these big name brands are lacking.

Lets start with the price tag. Many of these brands will hype up their water treatment equipment during the sales process as if it is much different than other systems out there and will charge almost twice as much as a smaller independent water treatment dealer for similar equipment. Yes, they do have more overhead than a smaller operation. In my opinion, their overhead and longstanding name should not warrant a 1,000% mark-up. Not to mention, the technology that they are providing is usually quite comparable to many other competitors.

Oftentimes, these brands will also have proprietary equipment. This means that you will be stuck with that company for years for ALL service and consumables whether you want to work with them or not. No other company has access to these consumables and service parts. Because of this proprietary nature, they can charge whatever they want for these parts and service visits.

Do you like high pressure sales? This is usually what you encounter when dealing with these types of organizations. I have heard horror stories of some of these sales reps going to a consultation and staying at home for hours using fear tactics and smoke/mirrors tricks to sell someone on an overpriced system that they will pay for many years to come. Generally these reps are commissioned based and will sell unnecessary solutions just to line their pockets. These reps are typically not very well versed in water treatment and more focused on the “sale” and moving on to the next one.

At American Aqua Solutions, we provide premium, effective solutions at much more reasonable prices. We use industry standard components. This allows for equipment to be serviced and maintained by others if need be. Our staff is thoroughly trained in water purification and actually want to build a long lasting relationship and properly address your concerns with a custom water treatment plan. When the time comes, and you need a new water treatment system, do your research and do yourself a favor and at least talk to the local independent water treatment dealer. You will probably be utterly impressed.