When it comes to water treatment, there are many things to consider.  Proper treatment always depends on the particular water source.  I want to talk today about city water supply.  Most people are supplied with water from the local municipality.  The other option is when a home uses a well.

With city water we are counting on the government to treat our water.  Let’s be real about the situation.  We live in America.  Even the worst of city water, is technically “potable”, meaning “safe to drink”.  The water available to a home in Uganda is more likely than not, wretched in comparison.  However, that does not mean our water quality is perfect.

Leave it to the government to find the cheapest way to accomplish a basic goal.  Chlorine is the number one chemical utilized by municipalities to achieve this goal.  What’s more, they found an even cheaper way to go.  They essentially dilute the chlorine with ammonia(known as chloramine) to treat the water.

Since COVID, we see that people are paying more attention and being more cognizant of what we put in our bodies.  Water tops the list of importance in this regard.  The 2 main things that are important to be treated in water are these.  1) hardness and 2) disinfection chemicals. This is treated by water softening (ionic exchange) and catalytic carbon filtration.

For many years water treatment companies offered water softeners and separate carbon filtration systems.  With this approach your paying more than double what you would pay for just a water softener.

The better news is this, we now have a hybrid solution that treats both issues in 1 system at half the cost and half the footprint of two separate systems.  One of our highest sellers is our hybrid softener.  This system has water softener resin media to soften the water and a carbon filtration media to remove the chemicals in one tank.

If you are on city water and you want to eliminate the chemicals in your water and to soften the water that runs through the veins of your home effecting every water touching appliance in your home, you need to consider an American Aqua Solution to your problem.

Give us a call, shoot us an email, or connect with us on social media.  We will come to your home and provide a free water analysis to establish the precise landscape of your water’s makeup and how best to treat it right.